Our company is one of the biggest producer of plate bending machines, section bending machines and steelworkers in the world. We still continue today to serve the industry needs with its three production plants and 300 staff in 25.000m² closed production area.

Şahinler Metal
1. R & D
When developing a new machine, designers and engineers liaise closely

Şahinler Metal
Construction And Design

Whenever we start developing a new model, one question needs to be asked

What exactly do the designers and construction specialists wish to achieve?

How can we have a frame that may be strong and solid for many years?

We as SAHINLER in an initial step attach enormous importance to know that how compatible are the construction and design to the modern conditions. Working closely with the construction engineers, designers play a crucial role in determining how best to harmonise form and function. The choice of materials and colours and positioning them is always the logical outcome of constructive teamwork. Apart from the technological achievement and an attractive design, other, more emotional, aspects – such as the way how the using of machine feels in the customer’s hand – also play an important role. Often, the designers and engineers will take their inspiration from old drawings and compare them with the new technology. Ultimately, it is respect for the machinery making pioneers of the past that guarantees continuity at the Sahinler Metal company.

ŞAHİNLER tended towards to the future with proud of its past.

Şahinler Metal
HRC measuring device is being used to measure the hardness of the rolls

Şahinler Metal
Quality Management

The advanced scientific methods used include computer simulations drawing analyses or tests designed to show how the machines behave under extreme practical, everyday conditions. All products being individually controlled and tested during production and at the end thanks to our experienced, responsible and carefully quality-controlling staff.

The use of high-durability, performance and quality metal-working machines are the most important point of the sturdiness. Our quality staff is following closely the events and related seminars regularly and pay attention as much as possible to take part in these events.

Details such as guides, shafts, bearings or all other matters are examined, calculated and developed for potential sources of error from the earliest phases of development. All staff analyze the problems and errors that occured in the previous projects and take in consider the feedbacks from the market and focus on their business afterwards. The result is, each product which sold under ŞAHİNLER name will continue to run years and years and protect the same performance and durability
Şahinler Metal

ŞAHİNLER olarak; üretim parkurumuzda bulunan ileri teknolojiye sahip CNC Tornalar, CNC Freze, CNC Borwerk, CNC Dik İşlem ve klasik Üniversal Tornalar, Üniversal Freze tezgahlarımızla yüksek hassasiyet ve yüksek verimi bir arada sunan bir üretim hattı anlayışına sahibiz. Makinalarımızın ana gövde ve diğer parçalarını yüksek hassasiyetle, zaman etüdleri yapılarak, sürekli geliştirilen Talaşlı Üretim parkurumuzda işlemekteyiz. Tabiki yan sanayimizin de yüksek teknolojiyi yakalamasına paralel olarak; üretim parkurumuzda bulunan ve dizayn açısından kritik olmayan parçalarımızın üretimi için yan sanayiden de destek almaktayız. Tedarikçilerimizden de bizim gibi kaliteli ve hatasız bir üretim anlayışlarına sahip olmalarını şart koşarak yüksek verimli iş birliği kurmaktayız.


Makine imalatçısı olarak; makine üretiminin bir ayağı yüksek kapasiteli talaşlı üretim ise diğer ayağının da ileri kaynak teknolojileri uygulamaları olduğunun farkındayız. Kaynak atölyemizdeki tüm çalışanlarımız şirket tarafından gerçekleştirilen kaynak eğitimlerine katılmakta ve günün teknolojilerini yakından takip etmektedirler. Makine kaynaklarımızda Gazaltı kaynak kullanırken pistonlarımızın kaynaklarında Tozaltı kaynak teknolojisi kullanılmaktadır.


While providing the mechanical parts from the welding line, also world-wide known high-tech electronic and hydraulic equipments being supplied and assembled in order on the production line.


Frame painting of our machines is carried out in our factory with the “wet paint technology”. Sheet-plate parts is being painted with the “dry paint technology”.


Montajı biten makinalarımız Kalite personelimiz tarafından mekanik çalışma sistemi ve kapasitesi, hidrolik sızdırmazlığı, elektronik hassasiyet ve genel görünüşü konularının kapsamlı olarak kontrol edildiği test sürecinden geçmektedir. Gerekli şartları sağlayan makinalar satışa hazır konuma gelmektedir.
Solutions, that positively effect on the using.
Şahinler Metal
Hydraulic overhead-crane and side supports prevent the vibrations on thin materials and help to achieve large diameters.

Şahinler Metal
All our products have their own business groups and industrial sectors to appeal. There are a wide range using areas and we feel that need to improve the solutions we offer. Each customer is very important for us and each one may have own purpose for using. In accordance to these purposes they can also find answers to their requests with the optional additionals.

As optionals we offer hydraulic overhead-crane and side supports with the plate bending machines. Also CNC Control Panel might be integrated on to machine according to precision level of the workpieces. Bar twisting and scroll forming attachments are also available for the profile bending machines, so you can offer services more than one sector. There is also availability for the integrating of a NC Control Unit to the hydraulic presses, therefore comes an opportunity out to use “automatically-tool-changing” system on the presses or all pressure, speed values and working modes are under operator control. So, you’re getting the chance to make your production line faster. So, all our machines can be customized according to the customer requests, so be excellent at your works.
Şahinler Metal
Şahinler Metal,with the exprerience by the years, has made a name of itself by giving quick and effective service in the world with both to its dealers in the world and its own technical service staffs incorporating it has given necessary trainings.

Şahinler, giving the necessary supports to its customers and dealers in all processes passing at the stage of purchasing and after sales, caries out both installation and training processes as it should be.

Taking the customer satisfaction as a primary issue, Şahinler Metal with the Technical Service and Support Team incoporating, plays an effective role at problem determining, remote interference and supplying spare parts with the shortest time in necessary situations. By this meaning, it eliminates troubles that the customers might face during the machinery operation and supply.

Especially by producing almost all mechanical parts from A to Z and keeping the components both electrical and hydraulical supplied by, Şahinler Metal provides them to its customers with the shortest time.