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BT 114-S
BT 114-S Pipe Polishing Machine

BT 114-S Pipe Polishing and Deburring Machine

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  • 1Automatic feeder system provides the material to be fed into auto feeder system without operator interfere . (With seperate motor)
  • 22 set of abrasive belts included as standard equipment. (With seperate motor)
  • 3Manual pipe clamping adjustment
  • 4Fixing attachment for the motor
  • 5Opening cover for changing the belts and cleaning
  • 6Holder for manual feeding
  • Can polish bended pipes and tubes at of 180° (angle)
  • No need to turn the material on auto feeder system model BT 114S
  • 7Automatic feeding system


Working capacity Ømm 10 - 114
Abrasive belts motor power kW 3+1.5
Wheel motor power kW 0.24
Total Motor Power kW 4.74
Abrasive belts dimensions mm (2x) 940 x 50  " 2 pcs abrasive belts included "
Feeding speed m/minute 3 - 22 
Length mm 1000
Width mm 750
Height mm 1500
Weight (approx) kg 280
All technical specifcations are subject to change without notice.


BT 114-S round pipe finishing machine is the perfect choice for finishing and polishing round, oval and elliptical tubes. The BT 114-S planetary system enables the work without rotating the tube, delivering the best results on bent and curved tubes as well. The auto feeding system transports straight tubes safely and automatically through the finishing station, enabling a consistent and high productive finishing quality.

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    BT 114-S Teknik Özellikler - Technical Features
BT 114-S Pipe Polishing Machine
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