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EFM 6Elliptical Cutting Flanging Machine

EFM 6 Eliptik Kesme ve Sıvama Makinesi

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  • 1Flanging head is 90° tiltable to both sides for elliptical flanging
  • 2One set of flanging rolls included ( R: 10 )
  • 3One set of cutting blade included
  • 4Bottom and Top flanging roll powered by planatery and gear system.
  • 5Both flat and crowned and elliptical bottoms flanging.
  • 6Moving and changeable bottom template to flange the flat and elliptical sheets
  • 7Both round, elliptical flanging and cutting operation on the same head
  • 8Copy template ( 1 pcs. )


  • 9Optional vacuum system
Max. Plate Cutting Diameter Ø mm 3000
Min. Plate Cutting Diameter Ø mm 750
Max. Flanging Height mm 40
Min. Flanging Radius mm 300
Max. Plate Cutting Thickness (Considering Mild Steel-Y.P.=24Kg/mm²) mm 3 - 6
Max. Plate Thickness (Considering Stainless Steel AISI 304-316) mm 2 - 4
Motor Power kW 7. 5
Length mm 5600
Width mm 1350
Height mm 1570
Weight kg 2020

The name EFM 6 comes from the max. thicknes chapacity that tha machine cam processs. This machine used to cut and flange edges of dishes which are used as cap for metal storage tanks, fuel tanks, boilers etc. The machine has a 7.5Kw electrical motor which its power transfered to 2 different pumps. One of the pump give the motion to the flanging/cutting rolls when second pump gives movements to the pistons up and down.

There are 2 saparate reducers on 2 heads of the machine, torque motor adjusted on each of them. At cutting side reducer driven with a means of chain when gear system used for the flanging head. Working principles: there is a metal templete mold below the processed dishes that the machine read it to copy the same as reqired dishes. The machine is copying the templete and create the same diameter/shape aimed buy cutting first than maket he edge falanging.

You can handle just adjustments of cutting and flanging process from related buttons mounted on the side of the machine. After thesee manuel adjustments, cutting and flanging processes made automatically by the machine. A small U section part must be welded on the center of dishes, than dishes mounted to the movable piston to be ready to be cut and flanged. As an optional: You can have pneumatic vacuum system to keep the dishes ready to be cut / flanged.

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    EFM 6 Teknik Özellikler - Technical Features
EFM 6Elliptical Cutting Flanging Machine
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