3 Toplu Mekanik / Motorlu Silindir Makinaları
RST3 Rolls Plate Bending Machine


  • 1Top and bottom rolls powered by a single Gearbox and gear system (IR)
  • 2SAE 1050 Quality Certificated steel rolls with high tensile strength
  • 3Cast iron main frames
  • 4Mobile control panel by foot pedal on IR models
  • 5Conical bending device
  • 6Manual Drop-End
  • 7Wire grooves at the end of the rolls (4/6/9)
  • 8Precision bending with brake motor on IR models



This mechanical model is designed for light to medium jobs. It is used in jobs up to 2 mm thickness materials.
Hand powered or motorised models are available.
It is used in Aluminium Bendings, Air Conditioning Channels, Advertising Panels and Sheet Metal Covers.
ts ideal price makes it very attractive for small workshops.

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RST3 Rolls Plate Bending Machine
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