HRM3 Rolls Motorized and Hydraulic Plate Bending Machines


  • 1With Hydraulic piston assistance, easy adjustment of back roll on any bending jobs.
  • With the Joystick present on the Foot Pedal, you can also easily adjust the UP-DOWN positon but also you can Adjust the CONICAL Position of the BACK ROLL.
  • 3Pressure Adjustment


  • Induction hardened rolls
  • Optional variable speed system
MODEL HRM 1270x90
HRM 1550x90 HRM 2050x95
Usefull length mm 1270 1550 2050
Bending Capacity mm 2,5 2,0 2.0
Roll dia. mm 90 90 95
Roll speed (RPM) mm 6 6 6
Motor power kW 1.1 1.5 1. 5
Wire Grooves Dia mm 4/7/10 4/7/10 4/7/10
Machine dimensions mm 1850x700x1200 2130x700x1200 2630x700x1200
Weight kg 520 580 715
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HRM3 Rolls Motorized and Hydraulic Plate Bending Machines
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