FM 25 - 12/16/20Flanging Machine (No Hole)

FM 12 Flanging Machine No Hole

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FM 25 Flanging Machine

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This machine has been studied for the execution of the edges of tank bottoms and it essentially consists of:

  • 1Electro-welded frame, thermally stress relived. The structural assembly of the machine assures high sturdiness and stability during flanging
  • 2Motorized lower bottom-holder carriage runs on slides and translates by means of worm screw. The slides are fixed on the base frame
  • 3The hydraulic cylinder which allows bottom height adjustment is fixed on the bottom-holder carriage
  • 4The standard machine can flange bottom to with center-hole, on request is possible supply machine for bottoms without center-hole
  • 5The shaping roll, built in high resistance steel and induction hardened, is properly shaped according to the radius of the edge to be obtained. This roll is motorized by means of a radial pistons motor and equipped for variable rotation speed
  • 6The flanging roll, built in high resistance steel and induction hardened, pushes by means of a system of hydraulic cylinders the bottom plate against the shaping roll
  • 7Also this roll is motorized by means of a radial pistons motor and equipped for variable rotation speed. The flanging roll operation may be done in manual or in automatic mode
  • The bottom supporting rolls is a group of 2 rolls able to support the bottom edge during flanging operation. This group is positioned underneath the shaped roll and is adjustable in height by means of an hydraulic cylinder
  • The hydraulic system consists of: motor pump group and oil tank equipped with all the components for the correct machine operating and safety as filter, level gauges, thermostat, heat exchanger, control valves and selenoid valves all world wide brands
  • The electric system consists of: Telemecanique or Siemens
  • Main board with transformer, power and protection components
  • 8Control panel with starting key, warning lights, emergency, joysticks and pushbuttons for operate the machine manual and automatic control


MODEL FM 12 FM 16 FM 20 FM 25
Max. Plate Diameter mm 4000 4000 5000 5000
Min. Plate Diameter mm 700 800 1000 1200
Max. Flanging Radius mm 300 300 400 500
Min. Flanging Radius mm 25 30 30 40
Flanged Total Height mm 700 800 800 1000
Max. Plate Thickness (Considering Mild Steel - Y.P.= 24Kg/mm²) mm 12 16 20 25
Max. Plate Thickness (Considering Stainless Steel - AISI 304 - 316 or 516 GR 70) mm 8 10 14 16
Main Motor kW 37 55 55 55
Additional Motor kW 7. 5 7. 5 11 11
Length mm 4850 5000 5500 6300
Width mm 1600 1300 1300 1600
Height mm 3200 2700 2850 3300
Weight kg 10. 120 13.500 17.000 27.930

Şahinler FM series is designed for manufacturing of tankers and end caps of pressure vessels. It performs flanging operation successfully with rolling and giving radius to the edges of flat or round sheets. It can make end caps with or without holes.

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  • Şahinler Katalog FM 25 - 12/16/20
  • Şahinler Katalog FM 25 - 12/16/20
FM 25 - 12/16/20Flanging Machine (No Hole)
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