FM 8 Hidrolik Bombe Bükme MakinasıFM 8 Hidrolik Bombe Bükme MakinasıFM 8 Hidrolik Bombe Bükme MakinasıFM 8 Hidrolik Bombe Bükme MakinasıFM 8 Hidrolik Bombe Bükme Makinası
FM 8Hydraulic Flanging Machine

FM 8 Flanging Machine - Bombe Bükme Makinası

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This machines has been designed and build to shape tank’s head ends and has the below features to carry this process. SAHINLER this flanging machine (FM 8) allows the dishing of heads up to 3 metres diameter and 8mm in thickness for many applications like rail/road tanks, storage tanks, silos, food storage tanks etc.

  • 1 Machine overall electro welded steels frame which is exposed to thermal stress relieve during build up thus have the rigid structure to obtain constant resistance against the force applied during flanging operation.
  • 2 Manuel workpiece carrier moves forwards and backwards for flanging heads. Height adjustment is provided manually using the leverage on the carrier so the workpiece positioned very easily between the rolls to provide clear operational area.
  • 3 Workpiece carrier runs on screwed path manually back and forward easily. Dish carrier can be fixed on the desired position via locking bolt.
  • 4 Machine has induction hardened high resistance steel top roll to obtain precise flanging on workpiece during the operation. Flanging roll can be controlled up and down by means of hydro motor...
  • 5 Bottom radius roll is fixed to the frame. Top roll move with 4 axis to form the dish to required radius and flanged height automatically.
  • 6 Support arms on both sides are designed to support flanging process during the operation. These arms can be moved to ideal positions manually
  • 7 Hydraulic system of the machine is located at the back side of machine and consists of very well-known European hydraulic equipment brands such as Rextroth, Duplomatic or similar brands. Hyd. system consists of: Motor pump group, oil tank, filters, level indicators, thermostat, heat exchanger, control valves and solenoid valves etc.
  • 8 Electrical equipment is also used from very well-known European brands such as Siemens and Telemechanique. These parts are located on machine’s frame, next to the electrical panel.
  • 9 Control panel with start key, warning lights, emergency button, control joysticks and other operational push buttons.
  • 10 Mobile working Light support watching the flanging process details.
  • 11 Pressure monometers which is placed on the control panel allow you to handle the machine operation details too.


Max. Plate Diameter mm 3000
Min. Plate Diameter mm 700
Max. Flanging Radius mm 100
Min. Flanging Radius mm 20
Flanged Total Height mm 550
Max. Plate Thickness (Considering Mild Steel - Y.P.= 24Kg/mm²) mm 8
Max. Plate Thickness (Considering Stainless Steel - AISI 304 - 316 or 516 GR 70) mm 5
Main Motor kW 11
Additional Motor kW -
Length mm 3600
Width mm 1100
Height mm 2000
Weight kg 2.650
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FM 8Hydraulic Flanging Machine
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